Greetings From Helsby

Hello.Bore da. The beauty of having a blog is that I can write whatever I like in it. Unlike when I use social networking, which is a bit different. Coming on here, after… Continue reading

Get Technical!

When Claire and Julie at Illusion Magazine asked me if I’d be interested in writing the ‘Get Technical’ page for future issues, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. My two favourite things… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Illusion Magazine!

Illusion Magazine, the world’s premier face and body painting magazine, has a birthday this month. It was eight years ago, in the Winter of 2006, that face and body artists Claire Pick and… Continue reading

Fighting The Frack With Face Paint

There is a long and time-honoured tradition of warriors painting themselves before going into battle. The Celts used to do it, with woad. The First Nation People (of what is now the USA)… Continue reading

Nocturnal Arm Daubing

Late at night, when things have finally quietened down to a whisper, I like to paint. I’m lucky; painting forms the basis of how I earn a living. I feel blessed. I couldn’t… Continue reading

Hotel Tropicana

It’s grim Up North you know. And it’s grim Out There at the moment, with all of the dire weather that we’ve been having here in the UK. Maybe it was the effects… Continue reading

New Toys

Here at Painty HQ, there is nothing that I like better than receiving a parcel of painty goodies through the post. I happen to know that this is also pretty high up on… Continue reading


What is the collective noun for a gathering of face and body painters? How many face and body painters does it take to change a lightbulb? And most importantly  – how many face and… Continue reading


Like most artists I need to earn a living to finance my more personal projects, and for the last ten years or so (on and off) I have earnt mine from painting faces… Continue reading

New Look Gallery Pages

I recently posted about uploading much of my face and body painting from over the last few years to my new YouTube channel. (Which is here, for anyone wishing to subscribe) This… Continue reading

YouTube Channel

New YouTube channel here I am uploading as much of my painting from the last few years as possible to this channel, as it seems a waste to just have it sitting… Continue reading